Red Trellis – Seafood Garden

“Special” family dinners don’t happen very often because for the last few years, we, as a family haven’t been together.  Finally, for the past month, we’ve all been home. Well, over the holiday, long weekend, we decided to go to one of our favorite seafood restaurants, the Red Trellis in General Santos City.

Red Trellis Seafood Garden

They serve all kinds of seafood delicacies, from crabs, lobsters, giant prawns, to stone fish (I didn’t know those were even eaten).  You can also select the crab or lobster you want.  Check out the size of this crab!  It’s huge!

FamilyDinnerRedTrellis 2011 11 02 18 27 17 IGP1174 ©JedBarker2011Crab – not sure what kind, maybe mud crab.

FamilyDinnerRedTrellis 2011 11 02 18 29 08 IGP1178 ©JedBarker2011Slipper Lobster

I don’t know much about food, but quite a few of the dishes they have, and I haven’t tried them all, suit my taste.  I really like their crab dish served in coconut milk, so good.  I’m sure giant prawns in coconut milk would be really good as well.  If you don’t like coconut milk they have a whole array of other dishes.

The place isn’t cheap, but it isn’t very expensive either.  From what I can remember it costs right around  Php 100 per 100 grams of crab and most of their other prices are by weight as well.  So, actually, if you wanted the best deal in terms of amount of meat, just get a bunch of giant prawns (some of them are like an inch thick) and have them cooked in a bunch of ways.

The service is really good too.  Well, all the times that I’ve been there, which would be around 4.  They don’t always have crabs available so it is best to call them up to make sure they have what you want  —   +63 83 552 0256.

Crab in Coconut MilkCrab in Coconut Milk

So, if you are in General Santos City and need a good place to eat at, stop by the Red Trellis.  So where is it exactly?  Check it out here on google maps.  Enjoy!