Rizal Monument at Luneta Park

Where have I been?

Aside, from my earlier post today, it has been about a week since the last one.  The reason for this gap is that I was gone for about a week, inspecting flat-bed dryers in Davao Oriental, Davao del Norte, and Compostela Valley.

Rizal Monument at Luneta Park

Jose Rizal is the most famous national hero of the Philippines.  He was executed by the Spanish in 1896 for his alleged role in the revolution that resulted in independence from Spain.  Somewhere around Luneta Park, but not where the monument is, was where the execution, by firing squad, actually took place.  If I’m not mistaken, his remains are entombed in the Monument.

The photo below is another example of HDR.  I took 3 bracketed exposures, merged them in photomatix, and then retouched in Aperture 3.  The photo was taken with the Pentax k-r and the cheap DA-L 18-55 mm kit lens (the DA* f2.8 16-50 mm is on my wish list).

Rizal Monument at Luneta Park


Sunrise at Lake Sebu

I was away last week.  Spent 5 days at a camp at Lake Sebu.  At camp, rise and shine was around 5 AM, so there was no sleeping in, although I managed to stay in bed till 5:30 a few times.  Not being a camper, I got away with it.  On the first morning, I got up at around 4:45 and got on my bike, which I hadn’t ridden in a while, except the day before, just to test it out.   So that morning it hurt to sit down on the hard seat, but I managed.  I pedaled about a kilometer up the road from the camp, up to this hill overlooking the lake.  The view really wasn’t spectacular.  I was actually a little disappointed and I started to experiment to see if I could create a shot that might turn out to be interesting.  So… I shot into the rising sun.

I took 10 exposures, setting the camera to manual mode, fixing the aperture and varying the shutter speed.  Yes, I used a tripod.  Did a lot of fiddling in photomatix and some more fiddling in Aperture 3.  I got into quick brushes in Aperture 3, applying burn and contrast overlay.  I’m still not totally satisfied with the result, but it is the best I can do for now.  Still have a lot to learn.


LakeSebuSunrise 2011 10 29 05 48 19 IGP0403 ©JedBarker2011

Painted Sky Over Makiling

You all have seen how the sky and clouds can light up into beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange right before sunset.  Well, whenever I see that happen, I think of how God is again displaying his creativity by painting the sky.  It just blows me away sometimes.

UPLB is right at the foot of Mt. Makiling and when it’s not raining or overcast, the sky right before dusk, is usually quite beautiful.  I wanted to capture that beauty and color of the sky without anything like trees or posts or power lines in the way.  So I went up to the rooftop of the AMTEC building, which houses my department, and started shooting.  During this time I was into panoramas and had I discovered the FREE photo stitching software, Hugin, that is so amazing and has versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux.  So, to capture the whole scene, and since I didn’t (and still don’t) have a wide angle lens, I shot several photos to stitch into a panorama.  I’ve forgotten how many photos I took for this image, maybe 3 or 4.  Actually, I might have taken more because the final image looks like it’s a HDR image.  So, I probably took around 12 or 16 photos and bracketed from EV -2 to +2.  I should have used a tripod, but I did not have one at the time, so I used a monopod.  I shot with the Pentax k-x and the 18-55 mm kit lens.  I opened the photos with Hugin, which is pretty easy to use once you figure it out, and let it do its thing.  Hugin can combine several exposures to make a HDR image as well, which is a very cool feature.  Once the photos were stitched, I dis some contrast and other adjustments in Aperture and this is the result.

Painted Sky Over Makiling

Yellowstone – Beautifully Created!

Back in November, around the second week we took a family trip, the previous Mt. Rushmore post was part of that trip. This is Yellowstone National Park, the northern part. All the other entrances were closed at that time of the year because of the weather. Yellowstone is very beatiful, just amazing, and I haven’t even seen all of it, but I was impressed with the little that I saw. Yes, creation, beautifully and wonderfully designed. What’s sad is that so many reject the Creator.

Well, enjoy these still glimpses…and ask yourself, how did it all get here…