Photo Contest Selects

A few weeks ago I submitted three photos to the 2013 KSU International Photo Contest.  This contest has no specific theme, just that these photos should be taken outside the US if you are a local student.  I came up with a five photo short list and printed these out and asked people to pick three.  All of these photos were taken in the Philippines and most of them I’ve posted before. I thought it would be interesting to see what people here think.  So, which three would you pick?  Please share in the comments.  Thanks.

The T'boli Fisherman Mt. Mayon Low Tide Mountain Valley Storm The Colors of Dawn



Fisherman and Son

The deadline for the K-State international programs photo contest is coming up and I’ve been going through my library trying to pick out my three entries for this year.  Last year I submitted three photos and 2 of them placed – one took first and the other was an honorable mention.  The one that got first place was a photo of the Marina Bay Sands that I took while I was in Singapore for the Kraft iTaste program.  The other one was the coin diver photo.

Because this contest is hosted by the Study Abroad Office, more than just submitting a photo of a beautiful place overseas, I want to emphasize culture and make the viewer wonder or think about the story of the subject within the image.  So in the process of looking for entries, I ran across this photo of a fisherman and his son out on Lake Sebu in the province of South Cotabato in the Philippines.  Lake Sebu is home to one of the many indigenous people groups in the Philippines, the T’boli.  Although the area has been modernized in many ways, you can still easily see things that probably haven’t changed in the last 50 to 100 years.  In this photo the fisherman and his son are paddling back to shore after checking their tilapia nets. Their little canoe looks empty, so they didn’t bring back any fish, so maybe the went out to feed them.  Take a close look at the canoe, it’s been carved out of a single tree trunk.  I wonder how long it took to make it.  Notice the paddle, that’s been hand-made as well, out of bamboo.  Also, the fisherman isn’t riding in the canoe, he’s out on the end.  These are things that I would venture to say, have remained unchanged for many years and give us a glimpse of the “original” culture of the people.

The T'boli Fisherman


Some details about this photo:
Camera: Pentax K-r
Lens: DA-L 55-300
ISO: 800
Focal Length: 230mm
Aperture: f/8
Shutter Speed: 1/500s



Coin Diver

Took a road trip, about a half a year ago, from Subic Bay, on the island of Luzon, all the way down to southern Mindanao.  There were two ferry rides – Luzon to Visayas, Visayas to Mindanao.  While still at the docks, men and children on little boats would surround the ferries, urging, calling, begging the passengers to throw coins into the ocean, which they would then dive for, racing each other to get the coins.

Coin Diver

Little Green Frog

There used to be a little “pond” at the Makiling Botanical Gardens at UPLB, that was just full of these little frogs.  I literally took hundreds of photos of these little guys over the course of several visits.  I was just going through my library and came across a few photos of these frogs, most of them I haven’t even imported into Aperture – I am way behind with photo management.  What’s sad though is the last time I was back at the gardens, after they were closed for like half a year for renovations, the little pond was gone and so were the frogs :(.  I’m glad I took a lot of photos when I had the chance.  Creation is beautiful, and I love photographing it!

For the photo below I used the pentax k-x, this was before the k-r came out, with the DA-L 55-300 lens.  I think I used a monopod as well, but I wish I’d had a tripod at the time.  If you have a tripod, use it.  I exported this photo to 1280 by 800, so if that’s your display resolution, feel free to use this for your wallpaper or desktop background.

Green Striped Frog1/125    f/7.1    ISO 800    170mm