Into Photography? Great Black Friday Sale!

I am subscribed to the PhotographyBB magazine newsletter and I received this awesome heads up on a black friday sale at Craft & Vision.  Craft and Vision has some amazing photography books and just for today, black friday, they have their ebook bundles on sale – 50% OFF.  In fact you can get all of their books for 50% off if you buy the entire bundle.  I just purchased 3 of these bundles for a total of $14.  That is 7 short ebooks for only $14!!!  Act fast, this is only for today, November 25th, ends at 11:59 PM PST.

Craft Vision

So here are the discount codes:

Again, I got the word from PhotographyBB.  So I also suggest you sign up to their newsletter and their free monthly magazine, which is pretty good.  Hey, it’s free!  If you are interested in photography or even art in general, some of these books may get that flame going again if you’ve lost it.  By the way, I am in no way affiliated with Craft & Vision, I just thought I would share what I think is an awesome deal!