Slow Network Work-around

My internet connection is through a wireless network that is beamed to my house from over 100 meters (328 feet) away using a TP-Link TL-WA5210G wireless outdoor CPE.  The CPE is configured as a Wireless Router and Access Point.  From within my room the connection is usually strong enough, and I can get full bars on the airport (wireless card) indicator on the Macbook and one bar less than full on the Mac Mini (my main computer).  However, there are times when I have difficulty joining the wireless because of timeouts.  Another problem is that, transferring files between the two computers is painfully slow when done through the TP Link wireless network.

To fix this problem, I setup another TL-WA5210G (since i had another one on hand), set it up in client mode and hooked it up to the Mac Mini via the ethernet port.  So now, I basically have a high-powered Wireless Card and Antenna hooked up to the Mac Mini.  I then turned on Internet Sharing on the Mac Mini, and set it up to share the internet connection from the ethernet port through the Airport.  I then joined the Macbook to the Mac Mini wireless network.  So I have the Mac Mini connected to the internet via ethernet, and then the Macbook connected to the desktop and the internet through an ad-hoc wireless network.  Now, transferring files between the Macbook and the Mac Mini is really fast and I don’t have problems connecting to the wireless network being beamed in.

I realize that the TL-WA5210G can be setup as a repeater, but for various reasons, I did not want to do it that way.

Internet Sharing Preferences

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