Kansas State University150th Anniversary Kick-Off

Wow, it’s been over a week since I’ve posted anything.  I’ve been super busy and things have been a little on the crazy side.  I feel like I’m getting kinda behind on things.  I actually meant to post this a week ago, but it’s been crunch time for one of my projects and a bunch of other things that also need attention.

A week ago, on Valentine’s Day, Kansas State University officially kicked-off its 150th Anniversary celebrations.  I thought it would be this huge event, but it turned out to be just a short program at Ahearn Fieldhouse.  There were lots of high-profile people there, like Sam Brownback, the governor of Kansas.  There were a ton of free cupcakes and ice cream, and part of the marching band was there, but, overall, I was actually a little underwhelmed.

I didn’t take too many photos and I didn’t bother to take photos of people, even the famous ones.  I’ve found that most people shots, especially of people I don’t know, even if they’re performing on stage, bore me.  There is one exception, I do like to take photos of cute little kids playing and having fun.  Like there was this one little girl (I actually know her parents) who was so excited to see Willie the Wildcat and get his signature and give him a high-five, it was so cute and genuine.  That reminds me, I’ll actually be shooting a friend’s kid’s birthday party tomorrow.

So, anyway, instead of people photos, I shot a panorama of the entire event from the other end of Ahearn.  Panorama’s of landscapes, those are what I really enjoy shooting.  What I’m posting today is the one I’ve finished processing.  I’ve got a couple more to do, but this will probably be the only one I’ll post here.  If you’re wondering how I process these, take a look at my HDR-Panorama tutorial.

KSU 150th Anniversary Kick Off

Some details about this photo:
Camera: Pentax K-5
Lens: DA* 16-50
ISO: 800
Focal Length: 16mm
Aperture: f/14
39 images stitched into a HDR Panorama using Photomatix Pro and Photoshop


A Peek Into Fantasy Land

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow so I was originally planning on posting some photos of flowers that I took last summer and fall, but I was a little disappointed with how the red roses turned out.  Some of the shades of red were blown out, having no detail.  I could get it back by under-exposing but then that messed up the rest of the image.  Anybody have any ideas on how to take photos of red flowers?  Do I need a different lens?

So, instead of doing a Valentines post, I came across this image I shot back in October.  It was a beautiful, autumn day, and I had just received a new lens, the DA* 16-50 mm and I was excited to test it out, so after class I went for a walk around the K-State campus. This was one of the images I came back with.

I framed this image so that the arch would frame the scene and add depth to it, giving it a three-dimensional look.  What I really like about it, is that the scene behind the arch looks like a fantasy land.  It’s like looking through this window into a completely different world.  What do you think?

Do you see that cone-shaped roof of the building in the background?  That’s the same one that’s in my earlier post called The Lonely Tower.

A Peek Into Fantasy Land