eyePhone – New Craft & Vision ebook!

I have it, haven’t read it yet except for the first few pages, but I get the feeling it will be good.  So if you have a phone on your camera and want to learn to take stronger photos, this will probably help.  It is only 45 pages long and has large pictures every other page, like the photo below.  In a few days this e-book will cost $5, but you can get it now and get it here for $4, until 11:59PM PST May 27.  Just use the code EYEPHONE4 at checkout.

eyePhone Cover

 I really like Craft & Vision books, and the last time they had a sale I bought a bunch, like 5 or 6 ebooks.  I’ve read most of them, but will be rereading several of them again, like the titles Ten and Ten More, which offer ten things you can do to improve your photography without having to buy more gear.  Well, Craft & Vision is having another sale that ends at 11:59 PM PST May 27! You have 3 more days.  If you buy 5 or more pdf Ebooks, you can get 20% off by using this code at checkout EYEPHONE20.

Also available at a discounted price till 11:59 PM PST May 27 is “The duChemin Bundle”!  This bundle includes 7 Ebooks, all written by David duChemin (I love his books!), and all of them for just $19 (normally it would cost $35 if you bought each separately).  This bundle includes Ten, Ten More, Drawing the Eye, Chasing the Look and 3 other Ebooks.  This is the bundle I would get if I were you, cause I already have most of these, and they are really good.  If you are interested in getting the discount, use the code DAVID19 at checkout.

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