In case you didn’t know, the “Top of the World” is actually in Manhattan, Kansas, not the Himalayas, not Nepal!  Don’t believe me? Google it… okay, I know, I know, almost every town with anything taller than a mole hill has a “top of the world”.  Anyway, this last Sunday was my first time to check out the “Top of the World”, because it was the best place in town to view the eclipse, and it was actually my first time to photograph one.  If you are like “what eclipse?”… uhm, there was one on Sunday, May 20, 2012.  It was pretty cool.  Didn’t get to see the “ring of fire“, but it was an eclipse.

Just in case you want to know.  I had the Pentax K-5 with the DA-L 55-300 mounted on a tripod, had the camera set to aperture priority.  I used the lowest ISO possible for the K-5 – ISO 80.  The aperture was f.19, the focal length 190mm, and the resulting shutter speed after applying -1EV was 1/45 sec. There you have it.


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