New Craft & Vision Book!

I just checked my email and Craft & Vision just released a new e-book!  The e-book is Vision is Better 2 by David duChemin.  I haven’t purchased the first Vision is Better e-book, but based on the others that I have – Ten, Ten More, Light & Land – I can tell you these are well written and contain a lot of great principles and great applications to get your passion on fire again. And…. these only cost $5!  And even less if on sale.. like they were on Black Friday… which was when I bought a bunch of them.

If you have followed this blog or seen some of my older posts, you will know that I am a fan of Craft & Vision ebooks (if it isn’t obvious yet from the above paragraph!).  C&V books are mostly geared towards people interested in photography, but many of the principles in these ebooks can apply to other forms of art as well.  If you want to potentially improve your photography or your art without purchasing new gear and without spending very much, I highly recommend these!  Make sure to check out their site for some free ones too!

So, the email that I got, and you can sign up for the C&V newsletter if you want – check the footer of their website – had some discount codes with it!

Enter these at check out.

Valid until the Dec. 21, 2011:

Vision is Better 2

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