Pink Flower

Tip #4: Learn The Digital Darkroom

On black friday I took advantage of Craft & Vision’s 50% discount on their e-book bundles.  One of the books I purchased was “Ten More” by David duChemin.  “Ten More” is the “sequel” to “Ten” which is a book on ten things you can do to improve your craft – photography – without buying more gear.  Tip #4 in the book Ten More is Learn the Digital Darkroom, basically, get to know, become familiar, be comfortable with, really know how to use your post processing software.  Well, in my case, that is Aperture 3 – so I purchased the training videos (this isn’t gear) “Work Like A Pro Photographer in Aperture 3” by Joseph Linaschke and Video2Brain over at Aperture Expert.  You can read more about this at Aperture Expert website.  I just started watching some of it this evening, and so far so good.  Today being Cyber Monday, if you sign up to the Aperture Expert newsletter, you can take advantage of a 33% discount on any order of $20 or more at the Aperture Expert store, by simply entering the code byo33 at checkout.

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Just in case you’ve checked this site for new content lately and haven’t seen any, I apologize, I’ve been kind of busy (checking on my Facebook contest submission every 3o minutes to see how many likes I have).  You can subscribe to this blog by entering your email address in the form on the left sidebar.  Doing this will notify you when new content has been posted.

Pink Flower

The photo below was taken with the Pentax DA-L 55-300 mm with the Raynox DCR-150 clipped to the front.  I don’t remember if I used a tripod.  I remember being delightfully surprised at how well this image turned out while post processing it.  Enjoy!

Pink 6 Petalled Flower

1/100    f/14    ISO 1600    80mm

p.s.  The Pentax K5 is on sale today!!! Get it for only $999 at Amazon and Adorama!  Heard about this on Pentax Forums and 1001NoisyCameras.

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