Little Green Frog

There used to be a little “pond” at the Makiling Botanical Gardens at UPLB, that was just full of these little frogs.  I literally took hundreds of photos of these little guys over the course of several visits.  I was just going through my library and came across a few photos of these frogs, most of them I haven’t even imported into Aperture – I am way behind with photo management.  What’s sad though is the last time I was back at the gardens, after they were closed for like half a year for renovations, the little pond was gone and so were the frogs :(.  I’m glad I took a lot of photos when I had the chance.  Creation is beautiful, and I love photographing it!

For the photo below I used the pentax k-x, this was before the k-r came out, with the DA-L 55-300 lens.  I think I used a monopod as well, but I wish I’d had a tripod at the time.  If you have a tripod, use it.  I exported this photo to 1280 by 800, so if that’s your display resolution, feel free to use this for your wallpaper or desktop background.

Green Striped Frog1/125    f/7.1    ISO 800    170mm


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