Iguana Behind My House

This afternoon we were cutting down a guava tree behind the house.  After dragging away the limbs, I’d gone back inside.  It wasn’t too long before my phone rang and dad was tellin me to get back outside with a camera.  So I grabbed the k-r, put the DA-L 55-300 on it and ran outside to the back.  There it was, on a limb, just sitting there, behavin itself, not bothering nobody, and the best thing was that it stayed put for the camera.  I was out there for maybe 10 minutes clicking away and was only about 5 feet away from it.  In fact, I’d gone back to grab my tripod so I could stabilize the camera better.  Eventually, I’d gotten all the shots I cared to take so we got a short bamboo stick and got the Iguana to move.  It skedaddled down the tree and into the jungle behind the house.  Wouldn’t be surprised if there are pythons back there.  In some ways it’s nice being so close to creation.  At least I don’t have to go very far to get pictures of iguanas out in the wild.


Iguana 2011 11 06 16 37 06 IGP1204 ©JedBarker2011


Iguana 2011 11 06 16 36 04 IGP1200 ©JedBarker2011

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