Sunrise at Lake Sebu

I was away last week.  Spent 5 days at a camp at Lake Sebu.  At camp, rise and shine was around 5 AM, so there was no sleeping in, although I managed to stay in bed till 5:30 a few times.  Not being a camper, I got away with it.  On the first morning, I got up at around 4:45 and got on my bike, which I hadn’t ridden in a while, except the day before, just to test it out.   So that morning it hurt to sit down on the hard seat, but I managed.  I pedaled about a kilometer up the road from the camp, up to this hill overlooking the lake.  The view really wasn’t spectacular.  I was actually a little disappointed and I started to experiment to see if I could create a shot that might turn out to be interesting.  So… I shot into the rising sun.

I took 10 exposures, setting the camera to manual mode, fixing the aperture and varying the shutter speed.  Yes, I used a tripod.  Did a lot of fiddling in photomatix and some more fiddling in Aperture 3.  I got into quick brushes in Aperture 3, applying burn and contrast overlay.  I’m still not totally satisfied with the result, but it is the best I can do for now.  Still have a lot to learn.


LakeSebuSunrise 2011 10 29 05 48 19 IGP0403 ©JedBarker2011


3 thoughts on “Sunrise at Lake Sebu

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