Trying Out MarsEdit

It has been a while since my last post.  Been very busy lately.  I was at a youth camp last week for five days.  I spoke there and took a lot of pictures, which I still need to go through and rate.  Today I was reading a review on Pixelmator 2 and this offline blogging software for mac, MarsEdit, which I’m now using to write this post was mentioned.  Well I checked it out, as well as some other software and decided to give MarsEdit a go, since it has a 30 day free trial.  So far, I LOVE IT!  Very easy to use!  Setup was really fast.  I’m kind of a cheapo, but I think the $40 price tag is worth it, but I might hold out until they offer a sale or something like that.  Anyway, if you blog a lot, definitely check MarsEdit out.

Screen Shot 2011 11 03 at 3 54 13 PM

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