Dozer Tracks

Even old, rusty, worn out pieces of junk can be cool subjects for photography, but you do need to be creative and have a good idea about what you can do in post processing.  The bull dozer tracks below were the old, worn out tracks pulled off of a totally depreciated, due for replacement, 19-forgotten DC6 Caterpillar that amazingly still runs, although it is often under repair.  The old tracks were replaced with new ones and then left out in the sun and rain, in a pile of limestone.  That’s what can happen to old pieces of junk, but it makes for an interesting subject.

For this image, I took three photos.  Use a tripod if you have one!  I merged them in photomatix, played with the various settings.  Yes, I just moved sliders around till I got what I wanted, and that’s what you have to do – play around till you get an image that is pleasing to your eye!  I then took the merged image and enhanced it in Aperture 3 and exported for the web.  Let me know what you think.


Dozer Tracks

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