Painted Sky Over Makiling

You all have seen how the sky and clouds can light up into beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange right before sunset.  Well, whenever I see that happen, I think of how God is again displaying his creativity by painting the sky.  It just blows me away sometimes.

UPLB is right at the foot of Mt. Makiling and when it’s not raining or overcast, the sky right before dusk, is usually quite beautiful.  I wanted to capture that beauty and color of the sky without anything like trees or posts or power lines in the way.  So I went up to the rooftop of the AMTEC building, which houses my department, and started shooting.  During this time I was into panoramas and had I discovered the FREE photo stitching software, Hugin, that is so amazing and has versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux.  So, to capture the whole scene, and since I didn’t (and still don’t) have a wide angle lens, I shot several photos to stitch into a panorama.  I’ve forgotten how many photos I took for this image, maybe 3 or 4.  Actually, I might have taken more because the final image looks like it’s a HDR image.  So, I probably took around 12 or 16 photos and bracketed from EV -2 to +2.  I should have used a tripod, but I did not have one at the time, so I used a monopod.  I shot with the Pentax k-x and the 18-55 mm kit lens.  I opened the photos with Hugin, which is pretty easy to use once you figure it out, and let it do its thing.  Hugin can combine several exposures to make a HDR image as well, which is a very cool feature.  Once the photos were stitched, I dis some contrast and other adjustments in Aperture and this is the result.

Painted Sky Over Makiling

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