Cafe at The Farm

The Farm is this resort/hotel/farm/restaurant right outside of Koronadal City, on the way to General Santos City.  I was there for a wedding a few months ago and it was a beautiful place then, but they’ve done even more work on the place and now its amazing.  The Farm has a wide variety of plants and the landscaping is awesome.  The place is pretty popular, especially for weddings, in fact, there was a wedding there and two receptions at the same time, the last time I went.

This photo was the cafe at The Farm.  It is composed of three shots, merged in Photomatix.  I was playing around with the presets in Photomatix and chose the Grunge preset, tweaked it a bit, and this is what I got.  Looks fake? ya, but I think it looks cool.  Tell me what you think.


The Farm Souvenir Shop

1/3    f/14    ISO 100    18mm

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