Big Truck Turned Over On It’s Side – Long Day

About a month ago now, my dad and I were driving to Koronadal City when we came across this truck on its side in the middle of the highway.  From what I could tell, the back wheel must have blown out and caused the accident.  Whoever was on that truck was having a bad day.

Flipped Over Truck

Flipped Over Truck

Well, today was supposed to be fun and in some ways it still turned out that way, but it was nothing as planned.  We were on our way to the Seven Falls at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato to tour a friend.  The Seven Falls are pretty awesome and there’s a 700 meter zipline at the place that goes right over this 200 ft waterfall.  The view is awesome!  Well, the road getting in there is kind of rough, and it might have shaken some kidney stones loose, cause less than 50 yards from the place, dad was suddenly in very intense pain.  His back on his left side, right around where the kidneys would be was bothering him like crazy.  Well, I took the driver’s seat, turned around and headed for the emergency room, an hour away at Koronadal City, down the mountain.  That was the fastest I’ve ever driven down from there.

That was not the end, however.  Half way to the hospital, I noticed this hissing sound and it seemed like the van wasn’t as gutsy as it usually was.  That was when I noticed the temperature gauge, it was over the top.  The original radiator was in the shop and the temporary one being used was leaky.  Well, we were suppose to fill it back up with water at Lake Sebu, but because of the emergency, we forgot.  So we pulled over, waved a vehicle down and got dad on it.  The friend and I dumped water into the radiator and waited for the engine to cool down.  We made it to the hospital about an hour and a half later and after three more stops to dump more water in.

The friend and I left the hospital that evening, leaving dad and mom there.  On the way home, the van acted up again and we had to turn around and go back to get a different vehicle… well to make a long story just a little bit shorter, cause I’m dog-tired right now… we made it back home.  Praise God!  Good night.

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