Just wanted to share this photo of my Mother’s orchid that I took this morning.  I used the Pentax K-r with the DA-L 55-300 mm mounted on a Vanguard ABH 230-k ball-head attached to a cheapo Dolica tripod.  I will probably review the ABH 230-k on this blog someday, but I just want to say that this ball head is rock solid.  I’ve used several cheapo ball-heads before finally spending the money to get a good one. All the cheapo heads would sag when I mounted the 55-300 on them, even when they were fully tightened. With the ABH 230-k there is no noticeable sag, it stays where you set it and it doesn’t even have to be fully tightened.

Anyway, back to the photo.  I processed the DNG file in Aperture 3 using Exposure sliders and the Curves tool, applying what I learned from the book I just finished reading and have reviewed in the previous post – Getting Started with Camera Raw by Ben Long.

Orchid - 1/60 f11 ISO 200 230mm

Unprocessed Image


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