Black and White Butterfly

Here’s a photograph of a butterfly that I took while I was at the University of the Philippines Los Baños.  This was at one of the gardens on campus. I was shooting with the Pentax k-x and the DA L 55-300 mm.  The 55-300 lens is pretty sharp piece of glass for a consumer zoom.

I think butterflies are pretty cool.  There are so many kinds with so many different colors, white, black, blue, yellow, orange, green, yellow-green, purple and so on.  Sometimes they can be difficult to photograph, like when they  keep flying from flower to flower and never really stay still.  Several times I’ve had to lie flat on my stomach and wait in a field littered with horse and cow dung to get good pictures.  It was fun though :).

When shooting butterflies, I’ll generally bump the ISO to somewhere around 500-800, and shoot in Aperture Priority at f/8 which is pretty sharp for the 55-300.  Having an ISO of around 800 with aperture set to f/8 helps ensure that my shutter speed is around 1/400 or faster which I’ve found to be necessary for a sharp shot especially at 300 mm.  However, if I can get away with lower ISOs, like 200, I will lower the ISO.

Butterfly Resting on Flowers

100% Crop

ISO 200      f/8      1/200      150mm

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