Giant Legos – Precast Concrete Construction

Legos are awesome! There are so many things you can do with them – build castles, towers, air planes, ships, helicopters, tanks, houses, throw them around and have wars, anything really, and its fast and easy.

Precast concrete construction is legos for the big boys. You slap walls together and walah! you’ve got yourself a structure. Precast concrete walls make great houses, school buildings, swimming pools, water tanks, sidewalks, fences and the list goes on. Buildings and structures made of this stuff are waterproof, termite proof, tornado proof, fire proof, and in terrorist infested areas, they’re bullet proof(except for the windows). And putting them up is fast, and in countries like the Philippines where lumber isn’t readily available (because of the logging ban, i.e. there aren’t any trees left) precast concrete is one of the cheapest ways of putting up a building.

Anyway, I’ve got a few pictures here that illustrate how precast concrete construction works, how they’re put together and so on…take a look…

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