Trucks and Semi’s…

I don’t know why i’m posting this, nobody really cares. I mean, who cares about trucks and truckers and stuff like that, right? Well, I’ve really got nothing to do right now. It’s Dec. 24 and I’m sitting around.

Anyway, if you actually stop and think about it, and I really haven’t done that, truckers and there trucks, and I guess the awesome road system this country has (and there probably isn’t a road system anywhere else in the wolrd that compares to what the US has), are really what get everything that we buy from like, you know walmart, malls, etc, basically everything….from where they’re made to where we can get them. So truckers play a very important role.

Well, recently I’ve been on the road quite a bit and once in a while I’ll take a picture of a semi or some truck, just cause I think they’re cool…

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