Gateway to the West

You can’t miss it, crossing the Mississippi, into the “Show Me State” and on through St. Louis, the Arch just stands out. Six hundred thirty feet high and the same in width at the ground, it ain’t small. Just beautiful – the sunlight reflected off the sides, the park around it, the Mississippi with boats going by.

The Arch

Inside the Arch, aside from the structure covered by the stainless steel sides, two trams, one on each leg, carry people to the top. Yes, there is a stairway (maybe two, one on each leg) that goes all the way to the top.

Under the Arch, the Museum of Westward Expansion details, in a circular timeline, the history – the events, the people, and the places that were relevant to Americas westward growth. The museum also had theaters and quite a few other things that were pretty cool. I really didn’t get to see that much of the Museum because we were in a hurry, but it what still pretty cool.

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