Is this pretty common?

It was Thanksgiving night and we were on our way to my Aunt’s house for a little get together.  I’m not sure why, but instead of taking the pontiac we took the suburban, and we were driving along when all of a sudden we could hear this deep rumbling and feel a vibration in the floor of the vehicle.  We were like “what in the world…”.  No engine warning lights had come on and the vehicle was still running, but the noise and vibration were there.  It was sort of like the sound of a harley only finer.  

We got to my Aunt’s house ok and after dinner checked it out and this is what we found…

The muffler had snapped right off of the exhaust pipe.  Does this usually happen around here?  

The whole exhaust pipe system on the suburban was made of stainless steel so it definitely didn’t rust off.  Fatigue maybe? Or something to do with the expansion and compression because of the temperature difference? Nway…just another somewhat weird experience for me…


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