fall pick up

I don’t know why I’m writing this, but I guess it’s because I’ve nothing to do.  It might be kind of useless, but I think I’ll share it with you…

Fall is almost over and the leaves are off the trees. At least in Kansas they are, out west, like California, some trees are still green.  I wonder why… Anyway, its a beautiful time of the year, but its kind of like eating a great awesome meal with a bunch of people.  You enjoy it while it lasts, but afterwards, if you’re stuck with the dishes, it ain’t much fun.  Fall is just like that, you enjoy it at the start, but when all the leaves have fallen off, they’ve got to be picked up.  I got stuck with picking them up.  

Getting them all picked up isn’t so hard when you’ve got a riding mower and a bagger behind it, and thats what I have, or so I thought.  I went to the garage one morning to get everything ready.  I checked if the mower had gas, didn’t check the oil assuming it was ok, and checked the tires. I then got the bagger together and was ready to attach it to the mower, and I couldn’t.  There wasn’t any place to attach it to.  The bracket it bolted to wasn’t there! I was like, “that’s not cool.”  So, I spent the next, I don’t remember how long, looking for it.  To avoid the lengthiness that would result from me describing every nook and cranny of the three garages that I searched, I’ll zip right to the end, I didn’t find it.

So I made due with a rake and tarp.  I made piles of leaves around the yard, laid the tarp down next to the piles, then raked the leaves onto the tarp and put it on the trailer that was hooked to the mower.  Not a bad system actually, just a little inefficient cause you couldn’t get very many piles of leaves on the tarp before it was too full.  So, I got the leaf blower and put the bag on it and vacuumed up the piled leaves, then unloaded into the tarps.  The blower has blades inside that cut up the leaves as they are sucked into the bag.  Because the leaves were all chopped up I could get more onto the tarp, which meant less trips to the great big leaf dump at one corner of the lot.  And the blower/leaf vacuum was fun to use.  I found it easier and faster to pick the leaves up with the blower after they were piled.  So, rake, then blower, then tarp.  

So if you get stuck with picking up the leaves and you gotta do it manually, but you have a blower, then rake the leaves into piles, then suck them up, then use the tarp.

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