D New Blog…

It’s up!  So much for the advertised quick setup, took me more than half an hour to decide on a blog title Ü.  I wasn’t very fond of the default, “JBMac’s Blog”, instead I chose “Ddump”.  Why?  I like it.  Why? I dunno, I just do.  Ok, actually I ran into a site called studentdump and thought the dump part was really cool.  

The name does kind of describe what this blog will be for, that is, its a place where i can toss stuff into and whoever is interested can take a look.  Like what kind of stuff?  Well, for now, mostly pictures of places I’ll be visiting within the next three months.  If I don’t get bored and forget, I might have a mac related post once in a while, and just a general update on what I’m doing… or maybe a solution to an engineering science problem…or just what ever comes to mind…it’s a dump! A scrambled pile of whatever interests me.  

Hmmm…this could get interesting…..

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